Fear of Society

To start off…our society sucks. People expect far too much from us and they don’t understand how much it hurts and how badly so many of us try to fit in.

The project/fear that stuck out to me the most was Michele Vaughn’s fear of society’s judgements. She had a difficult time opening up about this, but I was so proud of how well she spoke about it. She teared up and I totally understand, but nonetheless she was brave enough to come to class and speak about a topic that many people around the World face. Society always puts tall and skinny girls in front of us and tells us that’s what we should look like, when in reality that is sickening and horrible. It’s because of our stuck up society that we have so many girls with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, etc.  Michele made a good point about how you can’t control genes.  If a human was born a bigger size than most, it’s not like they can help it. It was part of their genes and that’s that.

The reason why this stood out to me so much was because I’ve always been against bullying and the society.  It’s just not okay for a bunch of people to tell someone that they are too “fat” or label them as anything before actually getting to know them.  Although it is in our nature to judge someone before actually meeting them.  I have never been bullied myself, thankfully, but I have seen it happen before and I can’t fathom how much it disgusts me.  How can someone be so cruel to someone that is JUST LIKE THEM! I mean, God created us all differently, but we are still human beings, all with the same feelings. As the years go by, the newer generations are becoming worse and worse with bullying and judging. Something has got to be done about this, because that is just no way to live.  Most people hurt themselves because of our inhumane society.

This issue/fear definitely makes me second guess my fear. In a way, my fear and her fear go together. The fear of judgement correlates to the fear of rejection in that if I make a video and send it with my portfolio for a job opening and the company ends up rejecting me, then I’ll feel like total crap. My self esteem will be low and then i’ll be afraid that they judged me and thought I wasn’t perfect enough for their company. They wouldn’t have given me a chance because my video just didn’t cut it.  I feel like both rejection and judgement are two of my biggest fears in life. I don’t want someone to reject me because they judged me before getting to know who I really am.  I feel like that’s how my whole life has been, honestly and I wish I could’ve talked about that during class. Not many people give me the time of day because they think I’m weird, too hyper, too happy all the time.  Well, in reality, i’m just a human like everyone else.

I say, if you’re weird, crazy, or believe in something or do something that goes against what society thinks is “right” or “perfect” then embrace it.  Don’t let them see you down, because once they know you feel bad about yourself, they will come in and destroy you and turn you into something you’re not.

Society can not control us…and once we can all accept that, this World can finally be weird, original, out of the ordinary, and it’ll be perfect.


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